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Location of hotels matters most.


Hotel location matters most to business travelers

 Apr 30, 2014

A new survey, commissioned by Choice Hotels International, investigated
the preferences and practices of business travelers.

Among the 529 travelers polled, 73 percent said hotel location mattered
most when picking where they stay on the road, while 61 percent said the
quality of the room was most critical.

Though free Wi-Fi came in third with 55 percent, complimentary Internet
access remains "an important amenity for the business traveler ... More
and more people are using multiple devices when they travel, and I think
the expectation is, whether they're in a hotel room or on an airline, you
can access free Wi-Fi most anywhere you go," said Robert McDowell, Choice
Hotels' SVP of global distribution.

Additionally, 84 percent said they preferred to stay in their room to
work, compared with 10 percent who would rather work in a hotel's business
center and 4 percent who prefer working in the lobby or other common area.

"More hotel brands are looking at improving their common areas,'' McDowell
said. Yet, "most of these travelers are doing more of their work in their
rooms, and the common area is likely more for social interactions with
other guests.''

Newer technology appears to be more popular than older devices. Among
those polled, 76 percent book rooms online, and 60 percent have checked in
to a hotel with a smartphone or tablet.